My Work

  • Coordination of Youth Coalition on Internet Governance and former GNSO councilor at ICANN GNSO for NCSG from 2009 to 2012 and currently a nomcom representative fro NCUC, also member of NCSG EC
  • Some videos of workshops that I attended as panelist at IGF Egypt in 2009:
  1. Video 1 ,Video 2,Video 3Video 4
  2. Another Report about Open Licensing workshop
  3. Report about Open licensing workshop
  • Participation and organization of those panels at IGF vilnius 2010, videos archived here
  1. Policy, governance, and participation: Harnessing all aspects of the net for youth activism (Day 1)
  2. Internet for youth – beyond safety issues (Day 4)
  3. social networking and e- participation; what do young citizens look for (18+)? (Day 3)
  4. Preparing Asian youth for the digital age (Day 2)
  5.  A Development Agenda Approach to Internet Names and Numbers (Day 2)
  6. Youth Coalition on Internet Governance DC meeting (Day 2)
  7. Core Internet Values and the Principles of Internet Governance Across Generations (Day 4)
  • interview at diplofoundation social network about youth coalition on Internet Governance

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