Why this blog? no it is not too late

First, I have blogged before  for a while in anonymous way and was member of Tunisian blogger community. I just stopped blogging regularly since more than one year and I think because I liked the interaction through channels like twitter and facebook.

The obvious question: why blogging now? It is easy and hard to explain. In fact, even if I stopped blogging, I was in contact with bloggers community somehow like making few translations with GV-Lingua from English to French or amazingly through twitter (people discover more new blogs with twitter).  Moreover,  I am still interested by issues related to Internet governance or more specifically to domain names and sometimes 140 characters aren’t really enough to express structured opinion. I saw many people   using blogs as way to develop their ideas about those topics and sharing the link in addition to discuss in classic channels like mailing lists and so on.  I thought that will be interesting to write posts to voice my own ideas and not just in mail exchange which is not really aimed to be easily available.

I am going to restrict my posts to to only topics related to Internet policy but I also want to talk about my experience in Japan (it won’t be really personal). In addition to that, I don’t want to write only in one language but having a multilingual blog (long life to Multilinguism!) .

It is enough for today and I hope that I am not going to stop early the experience.

PS Happy new year!

~ by rafikdammak on 2010/01/01.

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  1. Rafik Bloggiiinnnng 🙂

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